Governing Board

Mr. Jenson Paul
Managing Director

The world depends on a safe, secure and efficient shipping industry and the shipping industry depends on an adequate supply of seafarers to operate the ships. Shipping is highly technical, demanding considerable skill, knowledge and expertise from those who work in it. For which Maritime education and training is inevitable.

At Euro Tech Maritime Academy we provide training of high and consistent quality, throughout which is skills based, competence-based and utilize the latest technology such as simulators reflecting modern ships and up-to-date bridge layouts. Without a quality labour force, motivated, trained and skilled to the appropriate international standards, shipping cannot thrive. Not only that, all the many advances that have been made, in terms of safety and environmental impact, are at risk if personnel within the industry are unable to implement them properly. We pledge to the industry that we will provide quality seafarers that eliminate the threats and support in the growth of the industry.

Mr. Babu Joseph
Executive Director

At Euro Tech Maritime Academy, it is our policy to create a center of education in maritime field and pledge to provide a wholesome learning environment. The high quality training provision at our academy is supplemented by a willingness to understand and deliver services in line with the requirements of the industry. The Academy’s management team have embedded a professional mind-set and dedication to customer service throughout, which is unrivalled within the industry Euro Tech continues to develop its world class training facilities with the upgrading and introduction of the most modern equipment in both deck and engine room simulator training, The facilities and support offered at Euro Tech are second to none in delivering professional training to both our officer trainees and also officers attending advanced training programs of study.


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