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Eurotech, one of the best maritime colleges in India, has a high potential for further growth, resources, and job creation. Your passion for hard work and adventure makes you the perfect candidate for our team. In Euro Tech, one of the most prestigious maritime colleges in India, students are transformed into professionals prepared for the challenges of the oceans. We offer unique courses tailored to the needs of the industry. EuroTech aims to harness the full potential of ocean and maritime resources. According to EuroTech, a number of key themes are essential for overhauling the Indian maritime sector and establishing India as a global maritime leader. These themes include the development of world-class port infrastructure and the improvement of maritime education, research, and training.

Eurotech is the apex institution in the field of Maritime Education in India. The University's significance is evident from the axial role it is playing in imparting the best maritime training in Kerala and cultivating the most talented maritime talent. The ocean of opportunity awaits the capable and deserving students who wish to become captains, engineers, shipbuilders, designers, or port managers.EuroTech is set up to promote maritime studies, training, and research for excellence in the maritime profession in India.

All the courses conducted at our college are approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India. We conduct a whole range of pre-sea courses at this campus, including BTech in Marine Engineering, Post-sea, and competency courses. As one of the best marine colleges in Kerala, we provide practical training and personalized education to develop skilled mariners. A variety of renowned faculty members, Marines, and Chief Engineers with extensive maritime experience and high academic qualifications are a part of the academy's faculty.

With a value-based education system, Eurotech has been striving to better society since its establishment. Having brought together students from a variety of disciplines, it has achieved significant success in a short span of time. This reflects excellence in marine studies and research in the region. In order to serve society and the nation as a whole, Eurotech creates dedicated, ambitious, skilled professionals. For budding Merchant Navy officers, Eurotech has highly qualified and experienced faculty, excellent facilities, and infrastructure. Many students who graduated from Eurotech have already begun working as maritime professionals in various Indian and international shipping companies.

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My preference to come back to Eurotech to do my higher studies is because of the excellent pool of faculty members that the institute has and they show good interest in covering whole range of topics in the syllabus.