Terms & Conditions

Candidates are requested to ensure and finalise their program before booking a course. If by any means a candidate is unable to undergo the course on the stipulated date, the same can be shifted (should inform the office 24 hrs before course commencement date) to next available date as per the availability within 6 months.

A shifting charge of 10% of the course fee is applicable towards shifting one or more courses not exceeding 6 months failing which 20% of the course fees shall be applicable for a maximum period of 12 months. (Interchange of course or Interchange of name is not permissible). In case a candidate wants to shift to a course of higher fees batch, then candidate need to pay the difference in fees also.

In case a candidate wants to cancel any course booked, the same need to be requested through a written application with reason (substantiated with proof).

Institute is entitled to cancel the course at any juncture due to internal technical reasons or due to insufficient minimum strength of the course. Foreign Nationalities who are visiting India to undergo any courses should be holding valid student visa, if not they would not be permitted to the course.

No: of Courses Discount per course
0-5 N/A
6-15 Rs 500 for every course
16-25 Rs 1000 for every course
26-30 Rs 1500 for every course
31-35 Rs 2000 for every course
36 and above Rs 3000 for every course

** The above slab is not applicable for the courses for which Fees is less than Rs.4000/-