From the Desk of Principal

Capt. Biju T Varghese
Principal – Euro Tech Maritime Academy
They say half the world would freeze and other half would starve if there was no shipping, that’s how significant the shipping industry is to this world and mankind.goods are moved across the oceans from almost every nook and corner of this world meeting the expectations of the various basic and other needs of the humans.there are thousands and ten thousands of various types of ships trading across the the mighty oceans ,the coasts and inland waters .

Ships need people to move them, they say there are about 1.25milion seafarers who do that job 24/7, moving the ships from one port to another, seafarers of all grades and rank.considering the nature of the job onboard ships, the seafarers needs to be trained to operate the various machineries and for the various operations onboard ships to ensure a safe and smooth timely operation.IMO has developed various training program’s and with the help of various Flag states promotes and encourages people from various nations to take up a career at sea.

Euro Tech maritime academy is a premiere academy in the state of Kerala which is approved by the DG shipping and conducts various courses in the pre sea segment through which students after finishing their basic schooling can take up a career at sea.

DG shipping conducts various competency exams for seafarers who wants to progress in their career.Euro Tech maritime academy conducts various preparatory and competency courses to help the seafarers prepare for those GOI exams and progress in their career to reach the rank of chief engineer and captain of a ship.

Shipping is a fast changing industry, technology has brought in many changes specially in the form of various electronic equipments and many new rules and regulations.the seafarers needs to continuously refresh and upgrade themselves to these changes. Euro Tech maritime academy conducts various STCW refresher and up gradation program’s  enable the seafarers to keep themselves updated to these new changes.
Euro Tech maritime academy has set up various state of art infrastructure and has a team of dedicated staff to train the students to meet the expectations and demands of the global shipping industry

Come join Euro Tech family which serves as a gateway for you to see the world and head start a wonderful career at sea