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Euro-Festa 2K16

October 28, 2016



Euro-Festa 2K16 is the technical event hosted by the Eurotech Maritime Academy which encourages the young engineers to delve into different technical activities, thereby empowering them with sharp & invaluable thinking ability.
The main objective of this event is to encourage students to take an active interest in the emerging & exciting world of engineering and providing an apt forum for participants to discuss the recent developments in the industry.
This varied range of academic exchanges will benefit not only the participants, but also the audience. So participate, learn and enjoy…

  • Paper Presentation
  • Quiz
  • Debate
  • Mini Militia
  • Photography contest : CAPTURE THE MOMENT

Subthemes for Paper Presentation :

  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • Green Engines
  • Emerging Cellular Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Pollution Control & Environmental Protection

General Engineering Knowledge (For Preliminary Rounds)
ISRO & its Work (For Finals)

Should engineers go for MBA after B.Tech?

Is India able to tackle its technical brain drain?

Registration for the event can be made by sending the complete registration form (attached with the brochure) to the given email to the convener. The registration fee is to be paid on the day of event. Last date for registration and nomination : October 15th , 2016.

  • One team for each technical event from each college.
  • Candidates should bring their college ID’s with them.
  • One individual may participate in more than one event as long as the events do not overlap.
  • Maximum no. of participants per team in paper presentation and quiz are restricted to 2.
  • Maximum no. of participants per team in debate are restricted to 2 (1 in favour & 1 in against).
  • For paper presentation, participants have to give a presentation (PowerPoint) for 10 minutes followed by 2 minutes Question & Answer Session.
  • Time limit for debate is 10 minutes (max.).
  • Maximum no. of participants for Mini Militia are restricted to 3.
  • For photography contest, DSLR & advanced point and shoot cameras are allowed. Participant should carry his/her own equipment.
  • Final decision will be taken by the judges for each event.



October 28, 2016




Eurotech Maritime Academy