Proficiency In Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSCRB)

eto course in India

Course Details

Course Level: Post Sea Courses

Course Type: STCW Advanced Modular Courses

  • Duration – 5 Days
  • Fees – Rs.10900
  • Eligibility –
    • Officers, Cadets and Ratings having 12 months sea service (or) 6 months sea service with approved Pre-sea Training
    • Proof of sea service required
    • Basic course Personal Survival Techniques (PST) must be completed.
    • Medical fitness certificate in ILO format
    • INDOS Number is Mandatory
  • Documents required –
    • Passport size photo with tie
    • Passport
    • INDOS
    • CDC with a proof of sea service
    • PST Certificate
    • Valid Medical fitness certificate(DG Approved)

Course Brief

For admission to the course, seafarers must have completed approved sea going service of not less than one year or have attended an approved training course and have approved sea going service of not less than six months.  Further, a seafarer  must be certified by a DGS approved doctor to be in good health. They must also have completed the four basic courses covering the familiarization and basic safety training and instruction in accordance with Regulation VI/1 of STCW 1995

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