Liquid cargo handling simulator course at Eurotech training institute

The liquid cargo simulator course at Eurotech maritime institute, Kochi is typically a post-sea course of five days. Upon completion of the course, participants may receive a certificate of proficiency or competence. It is a simulator-based course designed to teach participants how to handle liquid cargo safely and efficiently using computer-based simulators. The course aims to provide participants with realistic and practical experience in handling liquid cargo in a safe and controlled environment.

During the course, participants will work with simulators that replicate the operation of liquid cargo handling equipment, such as oil tankers, chemical tankers, and liquefied gas carriers. The simulators allow participants to practice handling liquid cargo under different scenarios and conditions.

The course covers a range of topics related to liquid cargo handling, including:

1. Safety and environmental protection

2. Cargo handling equipment and procedures

3. Cargo loading and unloading operations

4. Stability and stress calculations

5. Tank cleaning procedures

6. Emergency response and contingency planning

7. Regulations and industry standards



The eligibility requirements for the liquid cargo handling simulator course includes;

1. Minimum Age: Participants must usually be at least 18 years old to attend a liquid cargo handling simulator course.

2. Relevant Experience: Participants are typically required to have some relevant experience in the maritime industry

3. COC Holder

4. Medical Fitness: Participants may need to meet certain medical fitness requirements to attend a simulator course.

5. Biometric seafarer’s identity Document(BSID) is mandatory

Documents required


1. Valid ID: Participants are usually required to provide a valid government-issued ID, such as a passport or national identity card.

2. Training Certificates: Participants may need to provide copies of their relevant training certificates, such as COC, TASCO certificates or other relevant industry training certificates.

3. Medical Certificate: Participants may need to provide a valid medical certificate

Course Details
Course LevelPost Sea Course
Duration5 Days
EligibilityBSID is mandatory
Upcoming Batches
2023 August 22 - 2023 August 26₹14,900.00Apply Now
2023 September 12 - 2023 September 16₹14,900.00Apply Now